Destiny’s Iron Banner Is Returning With Some Magnificent Rewards

Destiny’s Iron Banner Is Coming Back Next Week

It’s back! It was announced today that Destiny’s Iron Banner multiplayer event returns next week and there will be some pretty awesome rewards. Along with the event, the latest Bungie blog details some of the new changes that are expected to come to Destiny sometime in the near future.

Vicarious Visions Joins Destiny

The next limited-time Iron Banner will start in just a few days, on February 28th at 10 AM PST. The event will run for one week, until March 7th at 1 AM PST. The game mode for the event is Supremacy. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the game mode, it is similar to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed. Scoring in Supremacy is focused on capturing the crest, two points being given to the team that successfully kills the enemy, and takes their crest. If the kill is denied, the crest picked up by the enemy team, no points will be scored. As always, there are some sweet rewards up for grabs, both in the form of armor for each of the guardian classes, as well as weapons. Check out the gallery at the end of this post to see some of these prizes available to collect.

In the same blog post, the developer of Bungie discussed some of the changes coming in a future update. This update comes shortly on the heels of another earlier this month, titled Bungie had this to say, “It has been a little over one week since these new changes took effect and we’re still monitoring feedback from around the community. One thing we have been hearing a lot of is: ‘Sidearms… so hot right now.’ A lot of the feedback around Sidearms has pointed out their unique ability to hoard Special ammo when other weapons are running dry.” Bungie also mentioned that Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer, has some ideas to address this feedback in the future.

For the full list of changes expected in the next update, check them out here. And don’t forget to check out the cool rewards that will available next week in Iron Banner below!