Ridiculously Fake GTA 6, or Maybe GTA V 6, Released in Brazil Apparently for PS2

A Reddit User Has Posted an Image of What Could Only Be Rockstar’s next Big GTA Game… Released Only in Brazil… And of Course Released on a 16-Year-Old System

Oh, the whimsical world of bootlegged games, how you bring such joy! A Reddit user recently posted an image of a hard copy of Grand Theft Auto 6 that was unearthed in Brazil. The wacky cover betrays the spurious nature of the game, featuring a superimposed photo of a recent actress and what looks like a decently photoshopped, albeit misguided attempt at relabeling GTA V as GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto V

This lying game box would have you believe that developer Rockstar has abandoned their tireless work on Red Dead Redemption 2 and the constant updates to Grand Theft Auto V, in favor of releasing the next GTA game as an underground Brazil-exclusive. With the massive support for mods in GTA games, this is in all likelihood a modded version of GTA: San Andreas. Apparently featuring actress Summer Glau of Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame, one can only imagine the twisted wreckage of modded code that lays beyond this goofy exterior. And what an interesting marketing decision, to release the next game in a current series on a system that is 2 generations old!

GTA 6 fake cover

To be real though, this is something that happens quite a bit. Grand Theft Auto games are massively popular and customizable as previously mentioned. People turn a profit from selling these travesties in various countries all over the world. In fact, the subject matter of Grand Theft Auto games may seem like it is encouraging such behavior. Kind of like the book titled, “Steal This Book.” Rest assured that you aren’t missing anything in the GTA world. Rockstar is still pushing to make Grand Theft Auto 5 bigger and better while working on RDR 2. GTA 6 isn’t likely to drop anytime soon, and will probably end up waiting for the next generation of consoles.