Xbox Live Maybe Getting Custom Gamerpics Someday

Twitter Exchange Suggests Custom Xbox Gamerpics May Be in the Works

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is “looking into” adding custom Xbox gamerpics to Xbox Live. Mike Ybarra made a statement last night on Twitter suggesting that Microsoft is looking to add customization to gamer profile pics in the near future.

xbox gamerpic xbox one

If this information is correct, it would be a big step forward for Xbox Live. Custom profile pics are the standard in almost every social media platform that exists. Even Beam, Microsoft’s newly-acquired game streaming service, is more robust in this regard. There is the danger of illicit or unsafe imagery being used, but there are fixes for that. Facebook and Twitter aren’t a sea of genitals and gore, so it’s possible to police the system.

Xbox has a history of doing things their own way. Sometimes it’s a positive thing, like with backwards compatibility. Sometimes it’s more negative, such as their current stance on gamer profile pics. Here’s hoping this Twitter exchange leads to some much-needed changes for Xbox Live.