Super Mario Run Downloaded 40 Million Times

Super Mario Run Broke Apple Store’s Record For Most Successful Game Launch

It’s official: projected sales data aside, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run hit over 40 million downloads in its first four days on the iOS store.

In a joint press release issued by Nintendo of Japan and Apple, the two companies confirmed the title broke the App Store’s record for the most successful game launch of all time.

Super Mario Run

Mario creator and Super Mario Run producer Shigeru Miyamoto said: “I’m overjoyed at having been able to deliver a new Mario game to so many people from all over the world… From now on, we are aiming at broadening the reach of the game so even more people come to experience the joys of playing Mario.”

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior marketing VP, added: “Super Mario Run breaking the current record of hitting 40 million downloads within four days was not something that we thought could be done. We at Apple, alongside those from Nintendo and the Mushroom Kingdom are blessed to be able to share this experience with countless iOS users.”

Naysayers unsure of the app’s success have one less leg to stand on, it seems. Although the game may receive some backlash over its price point, this is unlikely to slow it down. If this success continues, Super Mario Run will be the beginning of Nintendo’s mobile chapter in gaming.

SOURCE: PowerUpGaming