God of War Nears Completion, Just a Few Views Away from New Information

God of War Director Gives Progress Update, Hints at More Information When Trailer Hits 15m Views

Details about the upcoming PS4 exclusive title, God Of War have been few and far between since the debut of the trailer at E3 this year.  Most of what we know comes from the Twitter feed of Cory Barlog, Creative Director at Sony Santa Monica, who always seems happy to answer fan questions.  Cory has been heavily involved with the God of War series since the very beginning so it is safe to say that he knows when a title is nearing completion.

God of War

Cory responded to a rumor earlier this month that God of War was almost finished, saying, “We finished most of the shooting… there are still some things to shoot.”  Coupled with the fact that he hinted that there will be more information on the way when the God Of War trailer, below, hits 15 million views, we may be very close to getting a more detailed picture of what to expect from this highly anticipated game.  It has been confirmed that Kratos will be a much more complete, sympathetic character in this sequel to the popular slash-em-up titles of the same name. The gameplay trailer heavily features his son, betraying subtle hints at RPG style leveling-up as Kratos passes his knowledge along to the next generation. Check out how emotional this trailer is. Even if you’ve seen it before, it is definitely worth watching again.  Lets get those 15 million views!

Kratos has discarded his chain swords in favor of a giant axe and rockin’ beard, as he sets his sights on the gods of the Norse pantheon. Apparently, some fans of earlier God of War games are not entirely happy with what Sony Santa Monica has shown us so far. Some think that the lack of action in the trailer and the huge change to Kratos’ character show that the series has fallen off the track that historically made it so popular.  In response, Cory assured fans, “I believe when people play the final game they will see our goal, and even the hardest of hearts will melt.” Further asserting his deep involvement in the series from the beginning he added, “…being part of the creation of the original I can assure you, moving forward is never wrong.”

God of war 4

The trailer linked above is currently sitting at 14.4 million views so the community is just 600k clicks away from getting to learn more about the new God Of War.  If you’re a fan, share this article or the video with as many people as you can, and if you’re not already a fan, we seriously urge you to pick up God of War, God of War 2, and/or God of war 3 and get excited for the release of God of War on PS4 in 2017!