Super Mario Run Expected to Make $60M in the First Month

Super Mario Run is out today on iOS, High Expectations for Nintendo’s Mobile Debut

Nintendo’s endless runner is coming out today and it’s expected to come out swinging. According to Dualshockers, analysts expect Super Mario Run to rake in 60 million dollars in its first month. Although there is some apprehension regarding the unusual $10 price point, this isn’t enough to dampen enthusiasm for such a venerable brand.

While $60 million is fantastic first month for a mobile title, it would be even higher if the game was getting an android release as well. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to divulge a concrete date for android users. By comparison, Pokémon Go pulled in $200 million in the same time period.

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In addition to the price and the iOS release, some players may also balk at the persistent internet connection required. While this is old news for mobile gamers, Nintendo diehards may react differently. Even with these factors at play, Nintendo may still come out on top, according to SuperData CEO Joost Van Dreunen:

After a long period of having no clearly defined mobile strategy, Nintendo is entering the mobile games market at an opportune time. Right as the market is cluttered by an abundant offering, the Japanese giant enters with a highly visible franchise. Beyond the success for Nintendo, other publishers will be watching to see if a $10 premium model will work on mobile from here on out.

Nintendo’s success or failure here will determine their future in mobile gaming. Hopefully $60 million is enough to get them in a mobile direction.