I Ain’t Afraid of No Haters – Positive Reviews For Ghostbusters Pour In

Early Ghostbusters Reviews Are In But This Won’t Silence The Trolls 

If you have been avoiding social media lately, you may not realize there is a massive undercurrent of hatred directed towards the Ghostbusters remake. Angry basement dwellers all over the world openly expressed their displeasure when the new Ghostbusters remake was announced with an all-female cast. When the film’s first trailer was released, it quickly became one of the most disliked in YouTube history. Clearly, many of these keyboard warriors would be more than happy to see the film fail.

This past weekend, many early reviews surfaced and so far the feedback is very good. It has a 78 per cent fresh rating (at time of writing) on Rotten Tomatoes and it is averaging a 62 on Metacritic with 23 reviews in. All in all, that is really positive for the movie.


This positive news for the movie isn’t silencing all the haters. Not all all!

An entire thread on reddit has been dedicated to bringing the movie’s positive reputation down: “Obviously the reviews aren’t as bad as we had hoped. So what more can we do at this point to make sure that the public knows that it’s terrible so that it bombs?”

Many most users have remarked that the reviews were “probably all paid for.”

But not everyone feels the same way and we here at COGconnected are looking forward to the movie. Here we give you 5 reasons why you should check it out.

One of the reviews that really stood out for us was written by Barry Hertz from the Globe and Mail who said: “But for all its minor faults, Ghostbusters is glorious fun – two hours of wit and wights, the ideal summer cinema that the rest of Hollywood just can’t seem to wrap its head around lately. If all that and the presence of leading women still rankles you, then the movies are better off for your absence.”

What do think of this hatred? Are you looking forward to the movie? Tell us in the comments below.