Comically Morbid Platformer Life Goes On: Done to Death Arrives to PS4 on May 17

Life Goes On: Done to Death Debuts its Cartoony Gore on PS4

Dying is not a setback—it’s your only way to progress in Life Goes On: Done to Death, a comical puzzle platformer where you kill knight after knight and use their dead bodies to solve puzzles. The team at Infinite Monkeys Entertainment is excited to announce that Life Goes On: Done to Death will release May 17 on PSN and on Steam. If you already own the Steam version of Life Goes On form 2014 you’ll be getting the Done to Death update free of charge too.

A mighty king, deciding that dying would be a drag, sends his army of knights to find the Cup of Life. You’ll guide the knights through more than 65 treacherous and trap-ridden levels, making many sacrifices along the way. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Freeze them into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. Blast a knight out of a cannon to land the dead body on a button. Zombify a knight to create a dim-witted, violent companion to solve the next puzzle. Dying has never been so much fun!

Life Goes On: Done to Death Screen 01

The original Life Goes On game made its mark on Steam in 2014. Life Goes On: Done to Death is an expanded version packed with new features including an additional “sky” world called The Ruins, unlockable hats and weapons (think horse heads and spatulas), and other goodies like portals, zombies, and extra-challenging bonus levels.