Lead Designer on Star Wars Battlefront Loses it on Twitter for Being Called Lazy

An interesting war of words played out over Twitter a few days ago as the lead designer on Star Wars Battlefront, Dennis Brännvall lashed out at another user for calling the development team ‘lazy’. The upcoming paid Outer Rim expansion for Star Wars Battlefront features new maps alongside new characters which include the infamous bounty hunter, Greedo, and rebel smuggler Nien Nunb. Both characters are new to the game but the criticism has been sweeping as many fans call out EA DICE for essentially reskinning characters that already exist. The Sullustian and Rodian race are both in Battlefront now so new costumes are no big deal according to some.

Star Wars Battlefront Twitter

The criticism reached a bit of a head on Twitter when a Battlefront player stated that including these new characters was a waste of time. This elicited a response from Brännvall in which he replied that leaving them out would be the real waste. Of course another gamer couldn’t resist having a dig and went on to ask Brännvall if he was admitting to being a lazy developer.

So Brännvall’s response seems jovial enough although it’s not hard to see that he might be a bit irked. The response from another user seemed to raise the ire of the developer just a little bit more.

At some point Brännvall realized that he had to be the bigger man and apologized for his little outburst. Personally, I wish he had have given the entitled twerp a piece of his mind but hey, that’s just my opinion.

It’s a shame that things like this happen but behind a screen and over Twitter it’s easy to criticize. While there’s no concrete release date yet for The Outer Rim DLC we know that along with the new characters and maps it will also feature the new weapons and the debut of ‘extraction’ mode, in which the Rebels must bring a shipment of resources to their transport ship before time runs out.