E3 2016: Internal Bookings System Security Flaw Exposed

A NeoGAF member claims to have exposed a critical weakness in the E3 2016 internal exhibitor bookings system, one that can potentially allow “basically anyone” to gain access to sensitive booking information of E3’s exhibitors. the user, “Rosti,” points out that this weakness is critical enough that someone with malicious intent could cause “some unpleasant issues” if they wanted to.

As an example, Rosti posted some of the documents he says are easily obtained using the security flaw. Booking documents from exhibitors show information such as what system and games they plan to exhibit at the show. In the case of Nintendo, he posted an example (not real) of what he said a malicious party could do if they wanted to.

Here is the example document:

e3 2016There is no confirmation on any of this yet from any of the parties involved, so we cannot confirm that these are indeed genuine documents, or that this security flaw is as easy to exploit as Rosti claims. We will keep you updated if we hear anything more.