Sol Trader Successfully Makes Kickstarter Goal With Only Hours Left

Sol Trader, a new science fiction game that’s about people and relationships, has successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign, but it was very close – it was funded with just 7.5 hours to spare. Apparently, according to the developers, a concerted effort by some dedicated fans at getting the word out helped the campaign make up 20% of the ground to the finish in the final 48 hours, finishing at 106% of the target.

“My main aim in running this campaign was to form a strong fanbase and beta community,” said Sol Trader’s Creator, Chris Parsons. “That’s been overwhelmingly successful. The effort that the community went to to get the word out in the final days was phenomenal, and I’m extremely grateful.”  Energized by the game’s last-minute funding success, he says he “intends to keep the pace of development high.”

If you haven’t heard of the game yet, Sol Trader gameplay is a mix of classic top down 2D spaceflight and in depth strategic manipulation of your network of contacts. No ship is given to you at the start of a new game: you must borrow money from friends, family or the bank, or borrow a ship from a wealthy relative. It will be available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux in April 2016.  However, if you don’t want to wait, you can download the Kickstarter build today for Windows or Mac.

SOURCE: Developer Press Release