Stardock Announces Massive Steam Sale – Entire Library 50-75% Off

Stardock, one of the the longest running indie developers in the video game industry, has launched an intergalactic RTS Steam sale to end all RTS Steam sales. Stardock’s entire portfolio of 4X, sandbox RTS extravaganzas are on sale at massively steep discounts, running between 50-75% off.

If you are one of the few RTS fans who still hasn’t played Galactic Civilizations III, the largest 4X strategy sandbox ever made, regularly $49.99, the Stardock Steam sales rings in a price of $24.99. That’s a 50% discount on a brand spanking new game.

Stardock will also offer a brand new bundle titled Stardock Pack 2016, which includes Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Legendary Heroes, Sorcerer King, all three Galactic Civilizations, Demigod and Dead Man’s Draw . For more information, check out their Steam page.

Why are you still reading?!  50-75% off!

SOURCE:  Stardock Press Release