EA Sports Pulls Patrick Kane From NHL 16 Cover

Electronic Arts has announced that they are pulling Patrick Kane from the cover of their upcoming sports video game NHL 16.

“In light of the ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane, he will no longer be a spokesperson for the launch of EA Sports NHL 16,” the company released in a statement Wednesday. “He will not appear on the EA Sports NHL 16 cover, nor participate in other … promotional activities.”

Kane was originally going to be sharing the cover with his Chicago Blackhawks teammate, Jonathan Teows.  Now, the cover has been altered to show only Teows on the cover:

Patrick Kane is under investigation by police in Hamburg, New York, where he lives, for an alleged incident that occurred at Kane’s home in the first weekend in August. A woman alleges that Kane raped her. Kane has not been charged.

SOURCE: SportsCenter News on Sportsnet TV Network