Brave Tank Hero Launches for Nintendo 3DS, Coming to Wii U Later This Summer

Natsume today launched its newest title, Brave Tank Hero, for Nintendo 3DS.

Developed by Arc System Works, the game is available now for 3DS at a retail price of $4.99 USD and is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. The game will also launch on Wii U later this summer.

Paradise City has been invaded! It’s up to you, brave soldier, to help take the city back. Players can choose from three different types of tanks to take on the enemy, including huge and fearsome boss tanks. Each mission has its own goal, varying from defeating all enemies, taking down a specific base, rescuing a civilian vehicle, and more. To accomplish goals and grab the highest star ranking, players can choose to deploy one of three tanks.

At the start of each mission, players will need to choose which tank will fit the mission parameters best. Each tank has six stats to consider including: Turret, which dictates how frequently a tank can fire, Max Speed, which dictates how quickly the tank can travel, Endurance, which determines how many enemy attacks a tank can withstand, as well as Firepower, Weight, and Range.

The Falcon is a Light Tank class that relies on fast reloading with its high Turret stat. With average Speed and Endurance but below-average Range, players who choose this tank will want to maneuver in close to their target and blast them away quickly while avoiding as many enemy attacks as possible. Use this tank to snipe stationary targets that have a slow rate of fire!

The Eagle is an Attack Tank class that is all about the biggest boom on the field! No other tank packs this much Firepower – or has this little Endurance! With average Weight, Range, and Speed, this specialized tank can be the most challenging to master, but fills a critical niche between the other two tank types. Use this tank when you have allies or obstacles to protect you within a map.

The Hawk is a Heavy Tank class that relies on its huge Range, along with high Endurance and Weight stats to throw around some serious firepower on the field. It’s also surprisingly speedy for its bulk, but is the slowest to reload of the trio, so every shot taken has to count! Consider this frontline warrior when your missions call upon working in a group, protecting a target, or breaking through enemy lines!

While the 3DS version sports a full 50 missions, each with varying goals, fans of the Wii U version also get some extra goodies, with both Vs. Play and Vs. Co-Op play. Wii U owners also gain some special missions, and can additionally take on more challenging versions of each boss tank after completing the game! The Wii U launch date will be announced soon.

Source: Press Release