River City: Rival Showdown is Bringing Riki’s Story in Action

Riki Beats his way in River City: Rival Showdown

The famous 3DS title River City: Rival Showdown is landing on the Nintendo Switch very soon. There is something about beat ’em up games that we just cannot get enough of. There are many popular titles in this genre, some of the classics are – Double Dragon, Final Fight, Golden Axe, etc.

These games provide a really satisfying experience. Players can let out their aggression and strategy in action-packed scenarios. The joy of kicking and punching waves of enemies coupled with the adrenaline rush of dynamic combat, makes these games stay exciting for a long time.

River City: Rival Showdown

The publisher Arc System Works and developer APlus Games just announced that the classic 3DS title is coming to Switch. And guess what? It will feature something extra awesome: a special bonus adventure called ‘Riki’s Story’.

Just like the name suggests, the fresh story path will be all about Riki and his view on the River City incident. You can unlock this exciting new story after finishing ‘River City: Yamada’s Side.’ And guess what? Players with saved data for River City Saga: Three Kingdoms on Switch, will automatically get this amazing bonus.

The game will be available on Switch from 12 October and will be priced at $24.99.