Super Cloudbuilt Video Review – Jet-Powered Parkour with Touchy Controls

Super Cloudbuilt Video Review

To say this game is fast paced parkour would not be doing it nearly enough justice. Super Cloudbuilt takes the “climb anything, anywhere” idea and blows it out of proportion. With a high power jet pack and some intense stage design, Super Cloudbuilt see’s the player exploring levels locked away in their own mind after falling into a coma. If this concept grabs your attention, you definitely need to check out our video review below.

In Super Cloudbuilt, players will take on the role of a soldier, near death, who was knocked into a coma. To regain memories and work her way towards consciousness, players will have to complete levels and learn more about what happened. In between these stages, her spirit or essence can travel about the hospital as a central hub before entering the next mission. The game has been noted for its learning curve with the unique controls, in that you should expect to plummet to your demise several times before getting the hang of it.

Super Cloudbuilt Top Screen parkour platformer

Super Cloudbuilt is a high speed, intense, parkour/runner in which players must use the environment to make their own path through uniquely designed stages and passed fatal obstacles. The game is available now on PlayStation 4 and Steam.