Mindshow VR Video Preview – Setting the Stage to Become a VR Star

Mindshow VR Preview

With VR games balanced on the cusp of being tech demos and fully immersive, lengthy games, originality will be one of the deciding factors in what new genres can rise up. We have seen plenty of first person shooters, some flight simulators, but nothing yet has quite compared to the unique take of Mindshow: the game about setting the stage and acting out scenes in VR. With unlimited creativity at its heart and your disposal, check out or video preview and see what you think. 

Mindshow is a VR acting/animation game available through Stream, exclusively using the HTC Vive. Players are able to enter the virtual backdrop of their choosing, placing objects and customizing the layout of their surroundings as well as creating the characters to be featured in their videos. Environmental objects can be interacted with, movement is fairly free depending on your real world space, and videos can be shared with ease online. Players will definitely find creative and innovative ways to play this game, so don’t be surprised to see dedicated players attempting to recreate their favorite scenes from movies, videos on how scenes should actually have played out, and a whole host of crossovers, do-overs, and the kind of wild comedy we have already seen from those wonderful Team Fortress 2 edits.


Mindshow on the HTC Vive is available now on Steam. Are you interested in giving it a shot? What kind of story would you want to tell with this innovative new game? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.