Frostpunk Video Review – Glorious Presentation, Torturous Decisions

Frostpunk Video Review

Combining the survival and strategy genre’s into one, powerful experience, Frostpunk is a bold move by 11 bit studio to create something new and it absolutely pays off. With the world in the midst of an eternal winter, players are tasked with keeping their small band of colonists alive while trying to search for any means to keep the people going. You’ll encounter a number of serious and grave situations that require you to often choose between bad and horrible options, but they are necessary for survival.

Does this sound like the kind of experience up your alley? Check out our video review below and see what we had to say about Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is a survival strategy game set during a post-apocalyptic winter. Players are given a settlement to try and build, expand, and survive against the harsh environment of the cold. Managing resources, keeping the people happy, healthy, and fed, and dealing with brutal cold snaps and resource shortages are only a part of this intense experience. With other settlements to find, survivors to take in, and tons of surprises along the way, this is a great title for the seasoned RTS player who wants a fresh-faced challenge.

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