Moss is a Charming VR Game Coming at a Time When PSVR Badly Needs a Hit

Turn the Pages on the Adventure of Quill in Moss, the Must-Have PSVR Game of the Year

When VR gaming first became a thing, we were all incredibly excited to explore our favorite adventures in new and exciting ways. What we have received in the way of VR; however, tends to lean towards horror and shooter games that merit little replay value or emotional investment. Let’s face it, none of the games release so far justify the expensive purchase of a VR unit. Sure, it is early, but VR has largely been a disappointment.

At E3 this year we were treated to a wholesome and heartwarming teaser trailer for a new VR title coming to PlayStation 4 – Moss. It’s a game that utilizes the VR functions in a unique and interesting way, and you find yourself quickly attached to your little furry companion: Quill. Moss is exactly the kind of experience we want in a VR game. So without further delay, check out our hands-on impressions of the game:

Moss will see players take the role of the Reader, a person experiencing Moss as a book in a quiet library. The VR headset lets you look about the environment while using the controller to guide Quill through a variety of creative puzzles and mild combat, as well as manipulating the environment to help her out. As Quill progresses through the story, you can even hear the turning of the pages as the Reader continues the story. While we haven’t had a chance to see much of the game yet, it is without a doubt going to be an absolute must have for PSVR owners.


Moss is the winner of numerous “Best of E3 2017” awards and nominations. It is expected for a Q4 launch this year around the holiday season, and will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

  • Mike DiCerto

    PSVR has been a disappointment??? NOT. I have become a gamer again BECAUSE of PSVR. Have you not played Farpoint? Rush of Blood? RE7? Thumper? Bound? Battlezone? Psychonauts? Fated? Crystal Rifts? Etc etc etc….I think you are in minority with this opinion and you obviously do not own the device. Peruse Reddit.


      Most PlayStation gamers haven’t been compelled to jump into the PSVR ring. Is it the price or lack of compelling games? Where is the massive first party support? Where are the AAA games? Also, let us not forget Sony tendency to outright drop hardware when it under performs. So yes, PSVR needs support and great games NOW. That is awesome you are enjoying it but for myself I am waiting until I see some AAA games and a price drop. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see the unit succeed, but at this point I have my doubts.

  • Brant S

    This reminds me of the game in the movie Ender’s Game.
    And as for PSVR dying? Hope not, I just bought mine and friends are doing the same.