Custom Xbox Design Lab Controller Creation and Unboxing

Xbox Design Lab Custom Controller Reveal

As you walk up and down the aisle of the electronics section at your local store, you undoubtedly find yourself looking at the selection of controllers for your console of choice. With 3rd party options and a large variety of colors, you probably wonder which one is the right choice for you. Some people just want the simple black or white that matches their console, but most gamers love that sweet, sweet opportunity for customization. Our very own Shawn Petraschuk made a slick and stylish COGconnected Xbox One controller and we can’t wait to show you how it turned out!

Xbox Design Labs gives you tons of customization options for creating a unique controller like no other. With metallic options for the triggers and D-pad, rubberized hand grips, an etched name, and a veritable rainbow of color for every part, investing in one of these controllers can definitely be worthwhile for the avid gamer.

Xbox Design Lab

The Xbox Design Lab website lets you walk through all of the customization options, as well as showcasing some previously created controllers inspired by a number popular games. For any Xbox gamer looking to make that personal touch, the Xbox Design Lab should definitely be on your radar.

Interested in creating your own controller? Let us know what you thought of the COGconnected controller, and what ideas you have for your own controller on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.