Video Game Industry Responds to the White House’s Stupid Video

The New Video Showcases the Beauty of Video Games

Last week, the White House met with members of the video game industry to discuss the effect of violent video games on minors. During that meeting, they showed reps a montage reel of violent video games and their brutality. Essentially, it’s 88 seconds summarizing what the White House thinks video games are. Since then, an elaborate counter-video has been released.

In the original White House video, we see games like Call of Duty, Fallout 4, and Sniper Elite. Primarily, it’s a series of clips compiled to show the extent of violence in video games. Yes, much of what we see looks downright horrible, but its meant to be detrimentally evocative without context.

Now, while we’ve been here pretending something worthwhile came out of that meeting, another organization made their own video on behalf of the industry. Games for Change, a non-profit label, created their own response video filled with 88 seconds of glory. You will find beauty from games The Last of Us, Breath of the Wild, Abzuand more IPs with stunning visuals and messages. You can discover the 88 seconds of glory down below.

In case it’s lost on anyone, the recent White House meeting was held because Trump believes violent video games factored into the most recent Florida shooting. By that reasoning, violent video games are an issue for society at large. But to this day, research on the matter has provided no supporting evidence linking games to human acts of cruelty. Yet here we are.

Any thoughts on the latest Games for Change video or the state of games in general? Feel free to comment those thoughts down below.