Switch Version of Doom Finally Getting Patched Real Soon

The Sweet Sound of Demons Exploding

The Nintendo Switch version of DOOM runs pretty dang well, honestly! It’s a surprising and serious technical achievement, one that’s marred only by a smattering of slight issues with the audio and certain portions of the menu. All told, it’s an impressive effort on Bethesda’s part. And they’re fixing it soon!

Doom Switch Screen

The DOOM Twitter made a post this week promising players that the aforementioned issues are being corrected in an upcoming patch. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the details regarding what exactly is getting fixed, but this information will be released soon. It won’t be long before this version of DOOM is… well, not the definitive version, but an even better portable alternative if you’re fiending for some portable demon-slaying.

Along with the full and proper patch notes, we’ve yet to see an official date for when this patch will be released. Presumably it will be shortly after we learn about the actual contents of the patch. It might not seem like improvements to the audio experience would be all that important, but this is DOOM! Being able to hear the monsters coming before you see them is a critical component in unsettling you and building atmosphere. Said atmosphere quickly dissolves after you messily disembowel everything in the room, but still! You need that moment of tension beforehand.