OneCast App Brings Xbox One Game Streaming to Mac Users

Test OneCast Out With Free 14-Day Trial Available 

While it is true that Microsoft officially supports Xbox One game streaming, it is only beneficial to those with Windows 10 PC’s and/or tablets. If you’re a Mac user, you’re basically out of luck — well, until now that is. Meet OneCast, a new app that allows for native Xbox One game streaming to Mac users.

OneCast Xbox One app

While Mac users have been using software like Parallels as a workaround, OneCast promises native 1080p game streaming with extremely low lag and “highly tuned performance.” In other words, this should function as smoothly as one would expect. Early reports from users on the Xbox One subreddit have confirmed as such too.

According to the OneCast website, the app can be run in fullscreen or windowed mode and even supports connectivity with an original Xbox One Wireless Controller via USB or Bluetooth to your Mac. It also supports multiple Profiles which means you can use different Xbox One consoles or Xbox Live Gamertags in your household. The set-up process is supposedly “quick and easy” so you can begin playing your favourite games in no time.

Microsoft first introduced Xbox One game streaming in 2015 during its Windows 10 event. There, they announced using Windows 10 devices as a second screen for Xbox One over the same home Wi-Fi network.

OneCast typically costs $20 but is currently discounted at 50% off for a limited time. A 14-day free trial is also available for anyone that wants to test it out before paying up.

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