For Honor Dedicated Servers Are Coming This Month

A War Between Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, but with More Stability

Today, Ubisoft finally announced the date for dedicated servers in their competitive title, For Honor. The infrastructure is set to roll out this month on PC, with console implementation to follow. Dedicated servers will be delivered in conjunction with the latest in-game Season, titled Age of Wolves.

The announcement of dedicated servers came early last year when Ubisoft revealed For Honor’s content roadmap. This past December was reserved for open tests to gauge server functionality. As soon as the update rolls out on February 19th, players should witness much better connectivity.

According to a press release, Ubisoft’s implementation of servers will focus on PvP game mode and  “remove the session migrations as well as the NAT requirements while eliminating most of the resyncing, resulting in a more stable experience and improved matchmaking.” During the early days, devs will closely monitor server stability in order to ensure a smooth transition. Once it’s done on PC, servers should be ready the move over to consoles.

“Changing the online infrastructure while the game was live was a challenge, but a decisive step in improving the game experience of our players,” said Damien Kieken, Game Director. “The implementation of the dedicated servers gives us confidence in the direction the game is taking and will pave the way for a full year of continued support and new contents.”

Of course, since this is the anniversary, For Honor shall undergo some major changes. Five heroes will witness major shifts and rebalancing. Moreover, the game will be hosting a promotional 3-week event in which players can partake and earn extra rewards. There shall also be updates to ranked play, a new training mode, and more.

Right now, you can visit to see what’s new from the folks over at Ubisoft. Just by viewing, you can earn For Honor in-game rewards through what are called “Twitch drops.” There will be a lot more content throughout the year, so be sure to check back for updates.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release