New Trailer Drops For Grapple Force Rena

Bringing Back That Bionic Commando Vibe

If, like many people, you find yourself missing those gory days of grappling things, perhaps Grapple Force Rena will fill the void in your heart. This delightful kickstarter project is exactly what the grapple-deficient gamer needs in order to fill out that critical grapple quotient.

Grapple Force Rena

You play as Rena, swinging from surface to surface and solving all sorts of problems with the eponymous grappling hook. Whether you need to get somewhere elevated, somewhere distant or somewhere dangerous, the grappling hook is your answer. You can even perform feats of combat expertise, grappling enemies and launching them into other hapless fools in a display of grapple-based dominance. The game is being published by the company responsible for bringing Freedom Planet to the world, so you know there will be a strong commitment to that retro philosophy on display here.

Rena is set for release on PC sometime this fall, though you can check out a web demo right this second if your curiosity is too much for you. Okay, so it’s actually a grappling beam, not a grappling hook, but the underlying grapple-based principles still stand. For a better idea of what Grapple Force Rena is all about, you can check out the new trailer, embedded below.