Xbox One X Can Barely Handle 10 Games; Quantum Break and Halo 5 File Sizes Revealed

4K Gaming Cost Money and Space… Go Figure.

If you’re looking to experience all the 4K gaming you can want on the Xbox One X, I hope you’ve saved up for an external hard drive. When we get right down to it, just about every triple-A title that plays at 4K will take up huge amounts of space.

Xbox One S

Earlier today, the install size for Quantum Break was revealed. With the addition of 4K resolution, the game reaches a whopping 102.5 GB file size. But if you add the tv pack (75 additional gigabytes), that number floats to 178 GB of hard drive space. However, the tv pack is entirely optional. The same can be said of the high-rez assets, but if you’re spending money on the Xbox One X, chances are you want everything in 4K.

In related news, the file size for Halo 5: Guardians has been revealed. Available in the Xbox Marketplace, the file takes up 107 GB of space. Again, anyone can go to settings and turn off 4K assets, making them entirely optional. The trend with 4K assets is their pushing every game beyond the 100GB threshold. Not a bad tradeoff, when we consider games like Halo 5 are playable at 3840×2160 with 60 fps. All it lacks is HDR, currently unavailable due to technical difficulties in implementation. The same is true of Forza Motorsport 7which also takes up 100 GB of space. Since the Xbox One X ships with 1TB of hard drive space, the prolific gamer may definitely want to shop external hard drives for the system.

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With all these huge patches, we’re going need Microsoft’s “intelligent delivery” system pretty soon. Xbox One X hits retail on November 7th. File sizes are huge but you can get a headstart if you own an external hard drive. Simply download the 4K patches available now for Xbox One and transfer them to the console when it arrives.

Happy gaming.