Original Tamagotchi for Sale Again in Japan

Clean the Poo of 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Soon

Capping off on 20 years worth of nostalgia, Bandai announced that they will be re-releasing the original version of the Tamagotchi in Japan as the “20th Anniversary Tamagotchi”. While original virtual pet saw its actual release in 1996, the game came to US in 1997 so the moniker still checks out.

20th Anniversary Tamagotchi

The old school toys, pictured above, will go on sale on November 23 so you might be able to pick one up on eBay if you live outside Japan. That said, its price is 2,916 yen (US$27), which is surprisingly hefty considering it’s almost a carbon copy of 20-year-old tech. Of course, re-living that nostalgia is priceless to some. In addition to the original re-releases, Bandai is also will also be simultaneously re-releasing the Discovery of New Species Tamagotchi models, which feature slightly updated pixel character artwork.

Source: Rocket News