Microsoft Says They Won’t Have Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday

No Xbox One X Bundles Are Coming This Holiday

The Xbox One X launched just under a week ago and even though the launch comes at the beginning of the holiday season, it seems Microsoft is not set to take full advantage of it. That’s right, Microsoft says they will not be releasing any official Xbox One X bundles this holiday season.

Xbox One X console calculated decision

Microsoft will already see an increase in their sales over the next few months because of the release of “the most powerful system ever” and considering there isn’t any new competition to be had, things are looking pretty sweet for Xbox as they make their way into the holiday season. Recently however, a fan asked Microsoft if they had plans to launch any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season, and much to our surprise, Aaron Greenberg, Head of Marketing at Xbox, stated there are no plans to do so any time soon. You can check out the exchange on Twitter below.

Not only did Greenberg confirm there will be no Xbox One X bundles for Black Friday later this month, he shut down the thought of any bundles throughout the entire holiday season completely. What’s surprising about this complete lack of Xbox One X bundles during the highest sales time of the year is that it doesn’t seem like Microsoft is giving buyers any real incentive over the next few months to pick one up. If anyone is on the fence and was hoping for a cool bundle for Christmas, they’ll just have to wait. And even though there won’t be any bundles available this holiday season, its likely that the launch of the new system will generate enough interest amongst the gaming community anyway.

What do you think? Is it a smart move by Microsoft not to offer any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!


  • crizz1066

    Come on it’s gona need the bundles….not even sold out day one in USA.

    It’s just not powerful enough, to reach the once touted 4k 60fps on anything but year old games.

    Now along with the usual Q&A issues with M$ products ie the power lead not fitting unless you jam it in!!!! Nice design NOT

    Seems problems with the UHD and movies, M$ messed about with settings so now blacks in movies seem bluer and more washed out, while HDR has dropped.

    If you really want this, wait at least 6 months for all the faults to come to life and for the most important thing. Games!!!!!

    • Simon

      Microsoft never stated all games would be 4k 60 nor did they say all games would be 4k. They said all 1st party titles will be native 4k, the rest is up to developers how they use the power. Frames were never really brought into the equation apart for talking about Forza 7 running 4k 60. (which it does)
      That said Microsoft will be working on a patch for the blu ray app, there were issues when the One S came out with blu ray playback and that was dealt with very swiftly.

      I have no issue with the power lead on my One X however I see not a thing about the issues your talking about. All I see is a possibility of faulty power cables bricking the console but it doesn’t appear to be widespread so far. All consoles suffer minor various defects as that is part of manufacturing and this is what the warranty is for. You see issues with every console getting reported and blown out of proportion and the only one with current gen system was the Switch joycon syncing issues being a major problem for many.

      I got about 300 games for the Xbox so far and while we wait for more exclusives I have plenty of new multiplatform titles and several old enhanced titles to revisit. Games I would probably have never played again are seeing a new lease of life so I am seeing excellent value.

      • crizz1066

        Yes yes here we go defend anything and everything M$ media and marketing spin do. They heavily implied it all over the place, then as usual when they asked directly, they start changing their tune. Then shift all of it over to the dev, throwing hands in the air..”nothing to do with us” Luckily they also have you, defending them and pushing their media spin as you swallowed it all. Issues with driver with slim and still not sorted on X…..great customer service.

        How often do you clean out the cookies????

        Yes all electronics have small issues at launch, problem is. M$ have track record with major issues at launch which they try to hide etc. Look at all the issues with original Surface Pro due to no real Q&A. Not to mentioned the RROD.

        Due to RROD peopel are a lot more wearier and less likely to give the benifit of the doubt unlike you!!

        You have 300 old games to play on your “new” machine. What is the point of paying out 100’s to play old games??? Again people like you giving M$ and Xbox all the excuses they need, to not bother to put in the effort and money. Just do 1/2 arsed job, you’ll still give ’em your money.