Microsoft Says They Won’t Have Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday

No Xbox One X Bundles Are Coming This Holiday

The Xbox One X launched just under a week ago and even though the launch comes at the beginning of the holiday season, it seems Microsoft is not set to take full advantage of it. That’s right, Microsoft says they will not be releasing any official Xbox One X bundles this holiday season.

Xbox One X console calculated decision

Microsoft will already see an increase in their sales over the next few months because of the release of “the most powerful system ever” and considering there isn’t any new competition to be had, things are looking pretty sweet for Xbox as they make their way into the holiday season. Recently however, a fan asked Microsoft if they had plans to launch any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season, and much to our surprise, Aaron Greenberg, Head of Marketing at Xbox, stated there are no plans to do so any time soon. You can check out the exchange on Twitter below.

Not only did Greenberg confirm there will be no Xbox One X bundles for Black Friday later this month, he shut down the thought of any bundles throughout the entire holiday season completely. What’s surprising about this complete lack of Xbox One X bundles during the highest sales time of the year is that it doesn’t seem like Microsoft is giving buyers any real incentive over the next few months to pick one up. If anyone is on the fence and was hoping for a cool bundle for Christmas, they’ll just have to wait. And even though there won’t be any bundles available this holiday season, its likely that the launch of the new system will generate enough interest amongst the gaming community anyway.

What do you think? Is it a smart move by Microsoft not to offer any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!