Gamestop Is Putting Their Power Pass Program On Pause

To Be Reinstated At A Later Date

Apparently giving out unlimited used games for ten dollars a month is a much more complicated endeavor than anyone first assumed it would be. GameStop is putting their Power Pass program on hold until some unspecified issues can be worked out.

GameStop Power Pass Program

According to a GameStop employee, there were “a few program limitations” that required the whole shebang to be shut down until they can be corrected. Some people are speculating that the company’s ancient computers couldn’t handle such a complex service. Which is very possible! Surely everyone has worked at one company or another whose machines were so old they could go out drinking after work. Although what exactly is so complicated about renting out games to people has not been specified, either.

All of the signage has been tucked away, and any customers who have already paid for the service will get a full refund, as well as a free used game of their choice. No word as to when this delightful idea is coming back, though perhaps some things about it will be different upon its return? Maybe the company got cold feet about the potential profit/loss ratio involved in such a daring venture.