Unique Indie Shooter, Aftercharge, Gets Date for Open Alpha

A New Take of First-Person, Team-Based Shooters

For when you need more deceptively simple shooters in your life, a dev team like Chainsawesome answers the call. Ready to go 3v3 in a showdown between robots? Then look no further. Alpha gameplay for Aftercharge is on the way, and here’s what it entails.

Aside from the 3v3 component, players will battle in two very different teams of robots – One team is invisible and one is indestructible. How does that work? Well, the invisible robots work to destroy a series of six energy extractors, and the invincible robots work to destroy them. But then the devs threw a creative wrench into the idea. Turns out each team has three class types. Invincible robots have Striker, Liquidator, and Builder while Invisibles have Glitch Bubbles and Cyclops.

Part of the fun of Aftercharge is exploring how to counter the enemies tactics and classes. Each class has a specialty unique to countering another of your opponent’s classes. There’s no running and gunning; it’s you and two partners, and you better hope they’re competent. As for the open Alpha date, it will last from October 13-15. You can download it from steam when it goes live here. If you want to learn more about the game, you can visit the website: http://www.afterchargegame.com

Aftercharge arrives for PC and Xbox One in early 2018 and is made by the same developers behind Knight Squad. Remember to check back for updates and more of our latest news and reviews as time goes by. And let us know, you will be participating in the Alpha? Comment below.

SOURCE: Press Release