Team17 Works with Chinese Developer on Kickstarter for My Time at Portia

Team17 Partners with Pathea Games for My Time at Portia

Award-winning international games label Team17 and China based indie developer Pathea Games today announced their partnership to bring My Time at Portia, Pathea’s big 3D sandbox RPG inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud 2 and the works of Miyazaki, to PC and consoles. Setting sail for Portia, a town on the edge of civilization, you’ll arrive to find a workshop left to you by your Pa – a place where you can begin to craft a new life, using the relics from the past to improve life for the villagers in the town.

my time at portia

Gather materials from Portia’s stunning open world: cut down trees, forage for herbs, mine in the ruins and even grow your own garden. There are many unique areas for you to explore including deserts, island, reefs, highlands, marshlands, mines and more. There are even two different types of dungeons including abandoned dungeons filled with important resources such as relics and ores for you to harvest or more hazardous dungeons where you’ll be able to encounter and battle monsters.

my time at portia

Debbie Bestwick, MBE, CEO of Team17 said “We welcome Pathea to the Team17 label and it’s exciting to work with a talented studio in a region with an emerging indie development scene. We’re thrilled to be supporting them in their development roadmap and the bringing the game to multiple platforms in 2018.”

my time at portia

The Kickstarter campaign is heading into its final stages and the team at Pathea has created a small preview of the upcoming game in the form of an alpha demo which includes 6-8 hours of gameplay, free to download from Steam,, IndieDB and GameJolt.

Also as a bonus, Team17 will be livestreaming My Time at Portia this Thursday at 18:00 BST on Twitch.