NIS America Throwing Shade at Microsoft

Microsoft ‘Not Very Supportive’ of Japanese Games For Some Reason

Microsoft doesn’t have a super strong presence in Japan. Their consoles don’t sell there (they technically do, but at a negligible rate), and their systems have a limited range of games that appeal to the Japanese market. According to┬áTakuro Yamashita, the president and CEO of┬áNIS America, this is a systemic problem that goes beyond selection or sales.

Touhou Kobuto V: Battle Burst NIS America

The entire Microsoft structure isn’t exactly suited to smaller, more specialized, Japanese releases. If a prospective game doesn’t meet their minimum order quantity, it’s unlikely to see release on a Microsoft console. In turn, this has a negative impact on Xbox system sales in Japan. No appealing games means no units moved, after all. It’s kind of a chicken/egg scenario.

While Microsoft’s execs are aware of this problem, they too realize that there’s something Japanese gamers want that their system doesn’t currently provide. According to Phil Spencer, “If we plan on doing better in the Japanese game market, we want to release games that the average Japanese gamer will really enjoy.” If Phil and the Xbox crew are looking for a company to start that process with, NIS America would be a great candidate.