HEX: Card Clash Now Available on PS4

Get Strategizing With This Newest TCG Right Now

Perhaps you’ve played HEX: Shards of Fate before. Maybe you’re just looking for a good TCG for your PS4. Either way, the good people at Hex Entertainment may be able to help. The newest incarnation in the HEX series, Card Clash, is out now on PS4.

HEX: Card Clash

I know, I know. There’s a whole heaping helping of card-battle games clogging every system, mobile or otherwise, with each one demanding an equal slice of your dwindling time and focus. What does Card Clash put on the table to separate itself from the rest of the pack? Well, they’ve got cross play functionality between the PC and PS4 versions, for starters. Also the art is pretty rad. That second point may not seem like a big seller, but in a genre mostly devoid of action and animation, card art carries a bit more weight, wouldn’t you say?

There’s also a hot load of tournaments and competitions to dip into, leaving you with a host of opportunities to sharpen your skills and demonstrate your overwhelming card-based superiority. Some of these competitions even come with cash prizes! Your introduction to the game is free, although you’d better believe that getting more cards will cost you. Half the fun is sinking capital into games like these, after all.

SOURCE: Press Release