The Darwin Project Getting Its First Closed Alpha Event Next Month

Tune In and Catch Some Snowbound Savagery This November

The Darwin Project is finally ready to show off what it’s really made of with its very first Closed Alpha event. Running from November 10th to the 12th, this will be a perfect chance to either tune in and watch the action or participate yourself, assuming you’re selected.

The Darwin Project

The upcoming battle royale title from Scavengers features head-to-head combat in a frozen wasteland. Of course the studio is based out of Montreal, Canada. I hear it gets a bit cold there on occasion. This event will also be streamable, meaning there will be a flood of Twitch and Youtube footage reaching across the globe. The event will start at 9 AM PST on the 10th, running all the way till 9 PM PST on the 12th. You can sign up for a chance at the Closed Alpha on their website.

If you’re unable to get into the Closed Alpha, or if you’d just rather spectate, there will be a plethora of options for you to choose from. Even if you’re only watching, this will be a perfect chance to see just what this game has to offer. We’ve gotten a few high-powered battle royale games in the last year or two, with The Darwin Project being marketed especially for the streamer crowd. The Scavengers team is aiming for a spring 2018 release for both Xbox One and the PC. For a rough idea of what the game is all about, check out the E3 trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release