Raft Coming to Early Access After Blowing Up on itch.io

Great News for Fans of the ‘Dying at Sea’ Genre of Games

There’s a ton of Raft news! Well, there’s two things. The game found a publishing partner this week in Axolot Games, and there’s a new Raft early access trailer to celebrate the game’s move over to Steam! Not a ton, exactly, but still some excellent tidings for fans of the ocean survival sub-genre.

Raft Early Access

Raft has already found a measure of in-development success through itch.io, with the free alpha version being downloaded over five million times on their platform. While the devs aren’t exactly building summer homes, being such a massive hit on itch.io is a great way to guarantee a certain install base once the final product is published in 2018. Raft is a sufficiently weird departure from the normal glut of survival games on PC. Instead of the usual wastelands, zombies and disheveled masses, this title just plonks you in the middle of the ocean. It’s a nice change of pace, wherein death is just directly underneath you at all times.

The game is scheduled to hit Steam’s early access program sometime in 2018, although there’s no word yet on when in 2018 this will be happening. In the meantime, you can still download that sweet alpha version here. If you’ve no time for such indulgences, you can also check out the latest trailer below.

SOURCE: Press Release