Spelunky Creator’s next Project Is Half Game Jam, Half Faux Retro Game Anthology

Coming to PC First in 2018

Get ready for an armada of 8-bit era games created collaboratively by a team that includes indie giants like
Spelunky‘s Derek Yu, Downwell‘s Ojiro Fumoto, Time Barons’ Jon Perry, Madhouse’s Paul Hubans, and Skorpulac’s Eirik Suhrke. They’ve teamed up to create UFO 50, a collection of 50 single and multiplayer games with the idea that it was created by a fake obscure 8-bit era game company.

While they mention that the titles will be slightly smaller than real 8-bit games, they definitely aren’t microgames or minigames as completing the collection could take hundreds of hours, according to their site. The titles hit across a huge spread of genres from puzzles to beat ’em ups. The developers note that all 50 games have a single-player mode while a rough third of the collection will have either cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes as well.

Unlike most anthology films where each director works independently on their project, UFO 50 will be more collaborative like a game jam as each game will feature the super indie team in some capacity. The official site notes that each game has a director that pitches the original concept while other members help out with programming, art, and design.

The game launched with the trailer above which sees odes to classics like Double DragonNinja GaidenSmash TV, and more. Thus, it’ll be exciting to see these indie developers iterate on classic game concepts.

From Derek Yu’s Mossmouth Games studio will be publishing the title for PC first in 2018 with plans to eventually bring the collection to consoles.

Source: Official Site