Madcap Brawler Bloody Zombies Coming Next Month

Beat Up Zombies With Your Friends This September

More companies are experimenting with VR in ways that deviate from the traditional first-person perspective. Case in point, Bloody Zombies is a side-scrolling brawler which allows players to gain strategic advantages with one of you playing in VR.

Bloody Zombies

If you haven’t been following this title, here’s how it works. You’re humming along, smashing zombies with your fists and melee weapons and whatnot. If you’re possessed with the notion to scout out the upcoming terrain, the VR player(s) can use a more free-floating camera system for a better look at the environment and the stage layout. Think of the levels as dioramas that the VR players can scope out from a variety of different angles. The premise here being that anyone who has the hardware can use it and anyone who doesn’t have said tools, doesn’t need them.

As of yesterday, Bloody Zombies has a proper release date of September 12th.  The game is coming out for all the major VR systems (Oculus, Vive and PSVR), as well as PS4, PC and Xbox One. This kind of multiple system release is going to be essential for making VR games a viable part of the market. That and some precipitous drops in hardware price.

SOURCE: Press Release