Feel Like a Badass Operative Kayaking & Sniping in Phantom: Covert Ops Gameplay Video

Phantom: Covert Ops Gameplay Video

In just over a month a brand new VR title from Ndreams is set to be released and if you’ve been waiting to see a little more of Phantom: Covert Ops then we’ve got just what you’ve been waiting for. Although it’s not the longest gameplay video you’ll ever see, this 3 minutes will be just enough to placate you until the full game release. Are you ready for this stealthy little number? Check out the awesome gameplay below!

Now if you haven’t heard too much about Phantom: Covert Ops then you’ve got a lot to catch up on because it’s definitely not your typical game. It’s a stealth action virtual reality title where you have to stealthily traverse across flooded environments, and all from the comfort of a military kayak. Here’s a little snippet of what it’s all about, “You are a Phantom: an elite and deadly covert operative with a single night to prevent all-out war. Dispatched into remote, hostile wetlands in your tactical kayak, utilise military-grade weapons and equipment to evade and neutralise the enemy threat.  Immerse yourself in a gritty and authentic arena of war across an intense campaign in VR. Engage your targets lethally or infiltrate unnoticed from within the shadows: it’s your mission to execute your own way.”

Phantom: Covert Ops is set to drop exclusively for Oculus VR devices on June 25th. For all of the details on the game ve sure to check out the official website here. What do you think about the game so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook for more video game news and content.