Mighty No 9 Still Disappointing Backers Over a Year Later

Physical Rewards for Mighty No 9 Just as Lame as Game Itself

Ah, yes. Mighty No 9. It seems like just yesterday the review scores were coming in, the rotted cherry on a toxic sundae of disappointment. Now, well over a year later, the game is still finding ways to let down its backers.

Mighty No 9

The retro game box and manual has started arriving at backers’ doorsteps after a long wait. Much to everyone’s surprise, the manual doesn’t fit inside the box. There have also been complaints that the manual is somewhat cheap, which is unfortunate. As an added twist of the knife, other rewards are still in transit. There have been separate reports of the art book having still not arrived. Once again, it’s been over a year since the game was released. In terms of gaming news (and online news in general) that’s more or less a lifetime.

Although Kickstarter timelines tend to be rather long, these are the sort of waits made easier to bear by the reassurance of quality. Mighty no 9’s backers haven’t really had that reassurance for most of this unfortunate saga. The only upside is that people haven’t lost as much faith in Kickstarter as they could have, given Mighty No 9’s final trajectory. Hopefully Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has a happier ending.