Wonder Woman Is Having a Stellar Run at the Box Office and Will Set a New Record This Weekend If Estimates Are Correct

Wonder Woman Is Still Killing It at the Box Office

Majority of reviews for the latest DC Universe movie Wonder Woman have been resoundingly positive and so far it’s had a good run at the box office since it’s release on June 2nd, taking the top spot over some pretty big movies released at the same time! Now, it has been announced that it is set to break a box office record after this past weekend.

Wonder Woman HERO

Now, of course with the various box office records listed, it would make sense to explain which record Wonder Woman is set to break after the numbers from this weekend are counted. This box office record is for the globally top-grossing live-action movie directed by a woman. Now, Patty Jenkins, the director of this latest DC movie should has a huge success on her hands, with estimates putting the earnings of Wonder Woman at $621.3 million since the premiere!

If the earnings are correct, this will beat the record by millions, held by the director of Mamma Mia, Phillida Lloyd. Mamma Mia, an adaption of the 2001 Mamma Mia Broadway musical, premiered in 2008 and earned $609.8 million over the course of almost a four month run at the box office. What is crazy is that Wonder Woman beat the record by approximately $12 million in less than a month following its premiere.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Chris Pine

Now if you’re wondering why it’s even possible to set the record for this when 2013’s animated film Frozen demolished the box office with $1.27 billion earned worldwide, that’s because it earned ninth place for the most money earned of all time and is why the distinction of “live-action” is being used. And yes, Frozen was directed by a woman, Jennifer Lee, along with Chris Buck.

On top of this, the success might come as a surprise to many people, especially those who aren’t DC fans, as only two other DC Comic superhero movies to ever earn $1 billion globally were The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Now, it remains to be seen whether Wonder Woman will hit that same record, and maybe even make it into a top 10 spot highest-grossing movies of all time, however it is certainly on track to do so!