EA Play at E3 2017, Every and Any Major Reveal You May Have Missed

The Full List of EA Games Presented at E3 2017

E3 2017 is off to a pretty nice start with a series of showcases from EA. The major publisher delivered a solid lineup of new content for fans of sports, Star Wars, and more. Here’s a round-up of everything EA had to offer for this year’s expo.

Madden 18

Kicking things off with their Madden franchise, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson introduced never-before-seen footage of a new NFL storyline. Titled Madden NFL 18 Longshot, the game will incorporate a new, cinematic story mode following the career of high school quarterback Devin Wade. Just as fans have been asking, Madden 18 will let players define their careers as they bet everything on Draft Day.

Tom Brady Cover Madden 18

Battlefield 1

Following the reveal of Madden, EA detailed the future of Battlefield 1 in ‘In the Name of the Tsar.’ This DLC pack will open up the Eastern Front, introducing new units and maps to revitalize multiplayer gameplay. But instead of simply expanding the action, In the Name of the Tsar will include new night maps. Thus, players will experience the chaos of battle like never before with warfare in the dark. Gamers will have a new experience to look forward to come September.

Hazelight’s ‘A Way Out’

Afterward, independent developer Josef Fares, the mind behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, arrived on stage to preview his new project, A Way Out. Offering a co-op storyline, A Way Out is a tale of two men who embark upon personal missions that require breaking out of prison. Its unique gameplay utilizes no less than two players, offering emotional narratives online or offline. Expect more information as E3 unravels.

A Way Out


Keeping up with their sports franchises, EA also reintroduced player Alex Hunter in FIFA 18’s new storyline. Players can once again immerse themselves of the football league, this time as our favorite player makes his way to LA Galaxy. Along with the story reveal, the dev team talked about motion capture with Cristiano Ronaldo, how they fine-tuned the star player’s animations to make them as authentic as possible. Experience everything this September, when the game launches on all platforms.

fifa 18 top

Need for Speed: Payback

And returning to their popular racing franchise, EA gave players a sweet taste of fast and furious gameplay in Need for Speed: Payback. The brand-new trailer gave us a look at robbery on the road. Tasked with stealing a new piece of technology, the storyline’s latest crew gave chase to a mysterious truck. Infused with cinematic mayhem, Need for Speed: Payback seems to offer a lot more than your typical racing game. See plenty more crashed cars when the game arrives this November.

Need for Speed Payback

BioWare’s New Game

At long last, after an age shrouded in mystery, we got a closer look at BioWare’s new multiplayer-focused IP – Anthem. A brief teaser of a sci-fi setting prepared players for what’s in store at Microsoft’s press briefing tomorrow. Stay tuned for the latest coverage as it comes our way.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

There was plenty of gameplay showcased for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Characters Rey, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul were included in new footage for the Clone Wars era. We got to see new Battle Droids, Clone Troopers, and a new mechanic that lets players spend points to unlock units and vehicles. Additionally, new story footage highlighted the adventure of elite imperial officer Iden Versio. EA has responded to player feedback concerning the first game and that was addressed during the briefing hosted by actress Janina Gavankar. You can discover more of the game’s new features by clicking here.

star wars battlefront loadout leak

NBA Live 18

EA is serious about Basketball again with NBA Live 18. Featuring real-world courts and a new story, players will be taking their skills from the street to the stadium. After taking a break last year, the title has returned with a new installment that will let gamers customize players. Will it compete wit 2K Sports? We’ll find out when the game releases this September.

nba live 2018

We’ve covered all the major games for this part of E3. If you feel like grabbing a cold one and watching the event, you can catch EA Play’s live stream below.

And there you have EA’s lineup for E3 2017. Any thoughts on the reveals? Which game are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below. We have several conferences coming up, so be sure to check back for of the latest E3 news as it comes our way.

Enjoy the show.