Indie Platformer Splasher Is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles This Fall

Indie Platformer Splasher Hits the Scene This Fall for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Ever since indie platformer Splasher launched on Steam, it has been praised as one of the best platformers of the year. Releasing for Windows PC and Mac OS back in February, stellar ratings have awarded the title with an overall 97% positive review score, comparing it to smash-hits like Super Meat Boy. Now, the Splashteam and The Sidekicks are happy to announce that they’ll be taking the next big leap into the gaming world with the title’s arrival on next-gen consoles set to be happening this fall.

indie platformer Splasher

Splasher will be taking its speedrunning challenge of a platformer to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with all of its unique arcade and action gameplay. It’s a 2D, cartoony experience that offers gamers who like challenges involving speed and quick reflexes a fix for their itch.

You can check out the launch trailer for Splasher below!:

Armed with only a splatter cannon, launch an all-out attack on a paint factory to save the workers and stand up against the evil boss. All players involved will need to stay on their toes and keep their reflexes sharp in order to face what the factory pits against them. Several competitive modes and a world leaderboard exist, and with inch-perfect level design, the game itself has become a popular title in competitive and speedrun communities.

For a limited time, Splasher is celebrating by offering a special 25% off discount on Steam until Monday, May 22nd, so gamers can go ahead and dive into the world of Splasher before the fall.

Have you already gotten your hands on Splasher? How do you fair against these paint-trodden factories? Let us know all about what you’ve experienced for yourself in the comments below!

SOURCE: Press Release