Nintendo Selling Empty Splatoon 2 Bundle Box for $5

Empty Splatoon 2 Box Is Almost Like Owning the Actual Bundle

Gamers in Japan really love Splatoon 2. How much, you may wonder? Well, the Japanese online Nintendo store is currently selling an empty Splatoon 2 bundle box, for those fans unable to acquire the actual bundle.

Empty Splatoon 2 bundle box

The listed price on display is 540 yen, which roughly translates to $5 USD. Just so everyone is crystal clear on this matter, the item being sold is an empty box. It’s a really nice box, but it’s still a box. Dedicated or unlucky collectors could surely find a place for this purchase on their shelf. Perhaps it would make an excellent placeholder until you’re able to procure an actual bundle┬ásecond-hand?

The Splatoon 2 bundle is currently available in Japan and Europe. The bundle features a slick Joy-Con controller done up in the game’s trademark colours. Of course, the bundle in question sold out in Japan almost immediately. No word on whether this one is heading to North America anytime soon, though you can expect pre-orders and sales to be equally brisk. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments related to Splatoon 2 and the Switch here at COGconnected.