Destiny 2 Gameplay and Story Revealed at Major Bungie Event

“Destiny 2 Is a Game That Opens with Loss”

Some new Destiny 2 gameplay was revealed in Los Angeles today, and we got a few surprises. Along with the gameplay came new trailers with new cinematics and new story points. Everything to introduce us to the new world we’ll see after the first Destiny.

After introducing us to the game’s narrative, players received a showcase of gameplay. Among things confirmed in the new footage were new weapons like the SMG. After that came the explosive grenade launcher. But we also received a good look at the new powers for Guardians. Swords, shields, and more can now be found in new abilities. Expect more details on those as time goes by.

New Locations:

  • Earth – Europe
  • Titan – Ocean moon with virtually no landmass
  • Io – A mysterious planet at the end of the solar system
  • Nessus – Machine world and Vex stronghold

Furthermore, devs say we’ll get a bigger story out of this installment. Single-player will obtain a little more focus. At the same time, multiplayer will be expanded. All we really know so far is that fire teams will consist of no more and no less than four players.


Ghaul represents a faction of the Cabal. As a warrior who believes the Traveler made a mistake in choosing humanity, he decides to take away the light, thereby taking away the Guardians’ power source. The player campaign then kicks off where Ghaul’s invasion of earth succeeded, and you must work to reclaim what was lost.

Destiny 2 arrives for PS4, Xbox One, and now PC later this year.

Lastly, Bungie says this will be a more cinematic campaign than the previous Destiny. Stay tuned for more news as it arrives. But feel free to comment your thoughts on the information so far. What changes in Destiny 2 are you looking forward to?