Office Space Got a Video Game, and It’s Got all the Old Cubicles

Don’t Quit before You Try Office Space on Mobile

After 18 years, the beautiful film of mundane work hours got a video game. Mike Judge’s classic has come back for player leisure in Office Space: Idle Profits, the free-to-play game is now available for iOS and Android.

Idle Profits sees the return of your favorite characters and quirks from the movie, including Michael Bolton, Bill Lumbergh, Samir, Peter, and Milton. Just like the original narrative, you work for those guys at Initech. You are about to lose your job, and you’re gonna have to go ahead and not complain. A recent grad is out to fill your space in the drone workforce. Therefore, there’s only one logical response – install a virus in the company’s mainframe to steal money.

Working (off the clock) alongside your overworked buddies, you pile up money to unlock new characters and new departments for Initech.  As you play, you’ll realize how relevant Office Space remains 18 years later.

“Everyone, at least once, has felt underappreciated at their job,” developer Ultrabit GM Cooper Bachman said in a press release. “When we started working on Office Space, everyone on the development team knew we were onto something special. Even 18 years later, the film’s themes are still relatable to all ages. And when we paired the film’s story and hilarious cast of characters with idle mechanics, it fit incredibly well.”

Now, thanks to Office Space: Idle Profits, anyone can fulfill their fantasy of sticking it to their bosses. We even get the much-beloved printer-destroying sequence for full-blown catharsis.

Office Space

Office Space: Idle Profits was developed by Ultrabit and published by Kongregate and FoxNext Games. It is available to download for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Let us know your thoughts on this game based on the cult-classic film. Are you happy about the video game treatment? Comment down below. And for more news as it comes our way, be sure to check back. Have a glorious day.