New Mafia III Patch Adds PS4 Pro Support

Mafia 3 Gets PS4 Pro Support via Patch 1.05

For anyone with a PS4 Pro or 4K TV, the newest Mafia III patch has added some much improved PS4 Pro changes. Although this support came out rather quietly, Digital Foundry has stated that this patch makes the PS4 Pro version a clear evolution over the regular PS4 models.


The changes available in the 1.05 patch for the PS4 include a 1440p resolution output, though the 1080p output is still available, and there is improved motion blur. There is enhanced shadow texture quality, making Mafia III way less pixelated than we’ve seen. One of the most noticeable changes for players that have played since day one is the frame rate fixes. There are no longer occurrences of stutters or huge dips in the frame rate. This newest patch is available to download on the PS4 now.

Hopefully this newest patch will allow players to better enjoy the new content that was released last month, including some brand new cars and costumes for Lincoln. Read on for a full list of the patch notes and changes available.

PS4 Pro changes:

  • 1440p ( including available 1080p when desired)
  • Improved spotlight shadow quality in dark scenes
  • Improved motion blur
  • Shooting causes the framerate to drop, however not less than 26 frames per second
  • Holds 30fps most of the time

PS4 change:

  • Frame rate issues have been fixed