Lead Producer at Bioware Leaves to Work on New Bungie Game

Cameron Lee to Head New Bungie Game after Departing Production of Bioware’s IP

Former Lead Producer at Bioware, Cameron Lee, has expressed difficulty in making the decision to switch from Bioware to Bungie. This comes after his announcement on Twitter that he has effectively moved on to work on Bungie’s latest IP. So far, most speculation regarding the new mystery project points to Destiny 2. But there’s no certainty until a future date.

Cameron Lee is known for a variety of projects. His most well-known is Dragon Age: Inquisition, the game he oversaw as Lead Producer and saw release in 2014. Many might also recall that Dragon Age: Inquisition was released the same year as Destiny, taking home The Game of the Year Award, of which Destiny was a contender. So to see Cameron switch developers amidst production of IPs may speak to this title’s potential, whatever it may be.

Cameron Lee to develop new Bungie Game

If Dragon Age: Inquisition is an indicator of Lee’s narrative style, we could receive a very interesting new IP, or a new perspective on Destiny. But Bungie rarely ventures into new IPs, Destiny being the second in a fifteen year period, after Halo. Thus, assuming Bungie’s new IP is Destiny-related, Lee’s involvement is likely to differentiate from—yet accentuate—the original game. What makes Destiny 2 a safe bet is its predecessor’s success and the gaming world’s anticipation level.

Add this news to the fact that so much Destiny lore has yet to be unraveled, meaning Bungie has plenty of room to expand its universe. Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate any creative talent that may help build on their world. That being said, Cameron Lee’s production may deal with a broad range of new story decisions, from a setting before Earth’s fall to the player climax in Destiny. Endless possibilities persist. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Destiny 2 is currently set for a 2017 release date.

What are the possibilities within a new IP headed by Cameron Lee? If Bungie’s game is actually not Destiny-related, it would be interesting. Jump in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

SOURCE: Gamerant, CameronLeeBlog