Gravity-Shifting PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Now Available for Pre-Order on PSN

Gravity Rush 2 Now Up For Pre-Order

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment made Gravity Rush 2 available for digital pre-orders on the PSN. You can now pre-order the game in the UK and North America. Both regions come with slightly different bonus avatars. Both regions will get a white costume for Kat and a Director’s Choice soundtrack, but the North American PSN offers the following avatars:

  • Syd Smile Avatar
  • Syd Surprised Avatar
  • Syd Normal Avatar
  • Raven Smile Avatar
  • Raven Angry Avatar
  • Raven Normal Avatar
  • Kat Smile Avatar
  • Kat Angry Avatar
  • Kat Normal Avatar
  • Dusty Avatar

Those who will pre-order in Europe will instead get a PS4 theme.

The PlayStation store reports the following:

Pre-order Gravity Rush 2 and receive 10x exclusive avatars as an instant reward. When the game launches, also receive the Select Soundtrack for the game featuring 9 tracks, and an alternate white costume DLC for Kat, as additional pre-order bonus items. Play on 12-02-2016, Midnight Eastern Time.

Another mind-bending adventure awaits gravity queen Kat as a new danger emerges to threaten the fabric of the universe itself. Still searching for clues behind the mystery of her origin, and with the powerful Raven at her side, Kat must master three unique gravity attack styles as she takes on enemies and massive bosses.

Gravity-Based Action –The franchise’s famous gravity-based action mechanics have evolved with two additional styles, each with their own unique attacks.

Vast Open World – Enter a bright and bustling floating city, bursting with life. Manipulate gravity with the motion sensors of the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to soar and traverse a vast and detailed open world.

Signature Art Style – French “bande dessinée” comic book aesthetic is artfully blended with Japanese manga and anime influences to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere, with cityscapes and characters and brought to life in stunning detail on PlayStation 4.

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush launches in North America on December 2nd, and in Europe on November 30th.