The End of Consoles Coming Soon? EA Exec Says Maybe

Yet more evidence that we may soon see the end of consoles as we know them

We all love playing our latest-gen PS4’s and Xbox Ones – but could they be the last generation of consoles? Well, as we here at COGconnected said a long time ago, it’s not such a crazy idea, with things like streaming becoming more and more popular. And now, an EA Exec has seemingly backed-up that claim, suggesting that your current-gen console may be among the last of its kind.

the end of consoles

In a recent interview, EA’s Chief Competition Officer, Peter Moore, suggested that the conitnued rise of streamed gaming is quickly putting consoles under threat – could we soon see the end of consoles completely?

“I’m not sure there will be consoles, as we know them anymore,” Moore said in an interview with The Daily Orange. “Games will be accessed by streaming technology, so we don’t need hardware intermediaries in between the two … if you and I want to play Battlefield 12 against each other, we’ll just jump into a game via whatever monitor we happen to have in our homes. It’ll be on a chip, rather than in a box.”

The end of consoles

Could consoles soon go the way of the dinosaurs? What Moore is describing is more of a future prediction, so it is not yet clear to anyone what will happen in the near future. Definitely, streaming and cloud gaming are growing and they offer a lot of sensible advantages for both companies and gamers. But with sales of current-gen consoles being so strong, it is clear that we are not close to being ready to give up our beloved PS4’s or Xbox Ones anytime soon.

The PS4 is rumoured to be receiving an upgrade – code named “Neo” – soon. Microsoft has said they are not planning the same for the Xbox One, but rumours suggest some kind of news for that console at E3.

What do you think? Is this the last console you’ll ever own? Do you like the idea of gaming exclusively via streaming from cloud-based sources? Let us know below!



  • Hvd

    if ea wants to make any money the better hope not.consoles is what makes them their $$$$.
    pc gamers use 3rd party sites like g2a,cd keys ect..ect to by games.if it was left up to pc gamers this guy mite be looking for a new job.

  • LordCancer Kain

    i think there will not be a playstation 5 in the traditional sense. i don’t think there will be a console cycle anymore but playstation/xbox as a platform with a gradual increase in power introduced every three or so years with two specs targeting both mass market and premium consumers.

    i think you will continue to see blu-rays as a form of data delivery. i don’t think streaming technology is good enough and you have copper and cable companies lobbying for laws to block community fiber to protect there use and profit of outdated technology. cable companies are also enforcing ridiculously low data caps and overage charges for customers who cancel cable and stifling innovation. even universal fiber would not resolve latency and who wants to play games with lag especially single player?

    peter moore is responsible for the death of sega dreamcast and sega consoles for that alone he should never taken seriously. he has some bizarre loathing of consoles and has been prophesying there end for over a decade. fortunately he is not in charge of anything sony, nintendo or microsoft are doing and if his work at sega is anything to go by that is good for everyone.

  • Random guy

    No thank you

  • Jeronimo66

    So this is the end and where all going to the clouds.


  • Larry Wright

    Peter Moore is just as stupid as Pachter. Also, a big F U to EA for that garbage NFS instead of actually listening to what people wanted.