Will Gotham Knights Succeed Where Marvel’s Avengers Failed?

Discussing Gotham Knights

For years, fans of the DC universe have been pining for another entry in the Arkham series. With several hints about a new game, Warner Bros. Interactive dropped the trailer for Gotham Knights, a co-op RPG adventure featuring the Dark Knight’s supporting cast in the lead role. Following a seemingly similar format to the mediocre Marvel’s Avengers, can Gotham Knights learn from the mistakes of their rival?

Set after the demise of Batman, the Knights of Gotham are required to unite in order to keep the city safe from the many rogues that stalk the streets. Each Knight possesses different skills to suit various gameplay styles meaning you can use stealth, tech, or brute force to vanquish those pesky grunts. With Marvel’s Avengers getting so much wrong, will Gotham Knights succeed in creating a dynamic multiplayer experience? This is what the COGconnected guys talk about in their latest video, check it out below!


What did you think about Paul, James, and Rhett’s views on Gotham Knights? Will you be exploring the crooked streets of Gotham when the game is released? Let us know in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. As always, ensure you check back for the latest and greatest information about video games. If you want to hear more from the COGconnected crew, check out Press X To Podcast here, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube for more video game content.

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